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IBMS : Who are we ?

We are an East African engineering and consultancy company. Integrated thinking, passionate, highly skilled people and transformative, creative solutions lie at the heart of IBMS Ltd. Truly multidisciplinary, our interconnected community of experts transform project outcomes for every one of our clients.
Our founder, Mr Francis Katabarwa, believed that it was out of the different skills and bodies of knowledge we have across our company that the quality of what we do really emerges.
This culture of collaboration is as strong today as ever, and drives us to deliver elegant solutions that both create wealth for clients, as well as leave a positive, sustainable legacy for every community we work in. Our buildings and cities contribute positively to our climate, society, culture and the environment.
We apply technology in the built environment to improve efficiency and usability, delivering innovative high value result. We believe in the process of enhancing traditional methods (MEP, BMS, HVAC and ELV controls), integrating proprietary products and embracing emerging technologies (cloud, IoT, web base solutions) to create the best-specialised outcome for our clients.
We improve buildings including hotels, and commercial complexes operate and interact with the inhabitants and the environment beyond. Improvement is a continuous process from concept to design, build and through the lifecycle. Improvement is relative to the motivations of the client. End-to-end technical services, from concept, through design and construction, into occupancy and tuning and on through the asset lifecycle.

We are able to offer all of the following services in order to provide a complete controls package:

  • Fleet management solutions help users track assets and inventory, delivery routes and schedules and reduce risk factors associated with fleet management.
  • We supervise the works during the building/construction process
  • We install systems
  • We commission systems
  • We upgrade systems and service maintenance
  • We give you a turnkey solution the whole project

Choix de la plateforme « Securysat » et le partenariat avec Emixiss

Nous avons choisi Securysat Fleet comme fournisseur de notre solution pour localiser nos interventions d’urgence et de récupération, et grâce à l’attention que nous portons à nos clients, nous sommes certains que nos clients seront heureux d’avoir les nouveaux appareils et la qualité des services offerts par Emixis.


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